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Why Do You Need a Spotify Canvas as a Musician?

Have you been hearing good things about Spotify Canvas? There are several reasons why this is so. There are also plenty of reasons why you really do need one. After reading this article, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify and create a Canvas
  • Learn the tools to create it with
  • Learn how to create an engaging Canvas
  • Learn why you can’t see your Canvas

What is the Spotify Canvas?

Would you like to have a nifty bit of artwork that makes your profile on Spotify come even further alive? The Spotify Canvas is the best way to make it happen. This is an animated feature that will give viewers an extra visual element to go along with the sweet sounds of your music.

The Canvas is an 8-second visual loop that displays an animation related to the cover of your album or the artwork you choose to display for a selected track. This loop is shown in a vertical format in order to fill the screen. It will appear in the Now Playing View, taking the place of your album artwork.

Enhance the visuals of your Spotify track.

You can add this type of Canvas to any tracks on your Spotify list, including those that are listed as “upcoming.” However, to gain the right to submit a Canvas, you need to be one of two things:

  • The main artist listed as the performer of the track
  • One of the main artists listed on both the track and the release it comes from

How to Create a Canvas on Spotify

The steps to successfully create your Spotify Canvas can be listed below:

  1. Log in to Spotify for Artists
  2. Go to Music
  3. Select a track
  4. click on Add Canvas (web) or Create Canvas (mobile app)

Where Can You Create a Video for Canvas?

There are a number of places that you can go in order to create a video for your Canvas. These are places where you can order the software and download apps that can assist you in this task.

Kapwing offers a tutorial to help you create your online Canvas for free. There are plenty of other sites, such as Tuneform, that will help you create a large number of handy Canvas video templates.

Choose a Canvas Template from tuneform.com
Spotify Canvas Template from tuneform.com

You should also check out sites such as DIY Musician that can help you further customize your video for extra attractiveness. Sites like Boost Collective and Reverbnation offer easy to absorb tutorials on how to create and cultivate the ultimate Canvas video.

4 Tips to Help You Create an Engaging Canvas

When it comes to time to create your Spotify Canvas, there are a number of handy tips that you can learn from. These include tips on everything from varying the length to creating the artwork. There are plenty of seasoned pros out there on social media who can give you the tips you need to make an engaging Canvas.

Pay Attention to Spotify Canvas Contests

A recent tweet from MCA Music can give you an excellent hint as to where you can get some first rate Canvas creation advice. You can benefit from taking part in contests that allow you to develop and share your creativity. Entering the contest may give you the inspiration you need to become a much better artist.

If you are brand new to Canvas creation, don’t panic. The point isn’t to win the contest so much as it is to learn by doing. If you have never tried this before, you may be amazed at how quickly your skills come together. Checking out the other entries will also give you a quick Canvas education.

Check Out Canvas Entries From Pros

If you are lacking in Canvas creation inspiration, there is no need to worry. You can check out Canvas entries from the pros. There are lots of artists out there who are making some fascinating Canvas designs. The below tweet from Lilith Czar will lead you to a prime example of this exciting new promo tool.

The key should always be to make sure that the Canvas you create fits your own unique and highly personal style. You want to make an animation that suits your song and gives the viewer a quick idea of what it’s all about. Even if you can’t quite fit a whole story in 8 seconds, you can give them an eye catching image.

Following artists such as Lilith Czar and others on Twitter will give you the insight you need into how to create an unforgettable Canvas. They often host contests to find the best submissions from Canvas creators, pro and amateur. You can get valuable tips on what software to use, what style to follow, and so on.

Don’t Use Footage with Singing or Speaking

You really can’t give a good impression of what the song sounds like if your Canvas tries to feature singing, rapping, or speaking. This is because the maximum length of a Canvas clip will be 8 seconds. At this length, it’s a tool to create an eye catching image. But it can’t be synced to the actual track.

Use Some Attractive or Stylish Animation for Your Canvas

If you try to include singing footage in your Canvas, it will probably come off looking tacky. The best thing for you to do is create an image that shows some kind of motion that doesn’t involve singing or rapping. You can show yourself whirling about on stage or some other kind of motion that generates excitement.

You Don’t Need to Include the Song Name

Make the Most of the Canvas Space.Remember that the names of the song and artist can already be seen in the Now Playing viewing area. This means that there is no need for you to include them in the context of the Canvas video itself.

This leaves you a lot more graphic space for you to play with. You can make your image bigger, bolder, and clearer. The idea is to let the Spotify Canvas image you choose speak completely for itself. You can do this by giving it the entire spotlight and not crowding it with extraneous info.

Why You Can’t See Your Canvas

Are you having trouble seeing the Canvas that you created for your Spotify? Keep in mind that you can always add a Canvas to every song version that you own the rights to. However, this only applies to songs that you absolutely outright own the rights to. You can’t create a Canvas for anyone else’s song.

Make Sure You Own the Rights to Your Song

You should also note that you have may have more than one version of a song uploaded to Spotify. For example, you may have different versions uploaded for different regions. You may have a Spanish language version in addition to an English language version. You may also have explicit and censored versions.

Your Canvas will only show up on the Spotify mobile app. It works on any iPhone that is iOS 12 or above. It also works on every Android that is version 6.0, 7.0, or 8.0 or above.

If you can’t seem to see the Canvas that you have uploaded, you can perform a few routine checks including the following:

  • Make sure that you don’t have your Data Saver switched on in the Spotify app settings
  • Make sure you do have your Canvas switched on in the Playback section of your Spotify app settings

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Creating a Spotify Canvas is easier than ever. Now that you know what to do, the time is now make your music come alive.

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