Ever wondered how to record sax at home? Thought about the timbral differences between saxophone and trombone? Or are you just simply interested in knowing more about great woodwind instruments like the saxophone? Then this is where to go for that.

1. How to Record Saxophone at Home →

How to Record Saxophone at Home

We discuss the logistics of recording the saxophone at home, including setup, tips for how to record the saxophone, and even what types of microphones cause your sax to sound a certain way. This article is quite comprehensive, so be prepared to take notes and real golden knowledge!

2. Saxophone vs Trombone →

Saxophone vs Trombone

If you have to choose between both instruments you’ll get an impartial analysis of each one to help you decide. You’ll understand what makes each instrument appealing and what each instrument might be like for you to learn. Depending on who you are, you’ll be able to make a decision that best suits your needs, even ergonomically.

3. How to Put Together an Alto Sax →

How to Put Together an Alto Saxophone

Let’s say you read the article about sax vs trombone and decide to go with sax. Now, you can learn about saxophone setup and better understand the components of the saxophone to help you get started learning this jazzy, classy instrument.

It’s not over yet

So, you have a lot of great reading material on the wonderful woodwinds. You get to learn, have fun, and hopefully, put our words into action.