This instrument is the timekeeper and the gatekeeper of groove. You’ll understand different perspectives on this instrument after reading through these articles. Our experts take you through various aspects pertaining to the drums. We hope you dig and then groove hard on this instrument.

1. How Long Does It Take To Learn Drums →

How Long Does It Take to Learn Drums

From how long and what to do when learning, this article covers the basics for how to approach learning this instrument. You’re not alone in learning drums, we have great advice and experience just for you!

2. Drum Panning →

Drum Panning

Needing a fuller sound, or trying to prevent your drum sound from being a complete wash? You need to read this article from our professionals who have you in mind!

3. How to Add Drum Kits to FL Studio →

How to Add Drum Kits to FL Studio

Wanting a good drum kit for your production software doesn’t have to be so hard. Adding your perfect sounding drum kit is only an article (and a few steps on your behalf) away. Don’t miss this one!

4. Best Snare Drummer In the World →

Best Snare Drummer in the World

We bring our expert knowledge of drummers for you to learn about. It’s worth noting, there’s more than one drummer for you to listen to and learn about.

5. Cymbal Companies →

Cymbal Companies

Knowing what to look for in your musical purchases has never been easier! Quality materials at great prices, we give you the inside scoop on knowing the various cymbal companies to help you be an informed buyer.


Obviously, we have the knowledge and you don’t want to miss out. While you could spend hours combing the web, we’ve made it so easy that there’s no question as to where you should swim in the vast music ocean.