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The Swimmers team believes in supporting other organizations that work to make their communities more inclusive and safer for all stakeholders. Below are some of the foundations and networks that we are proud to support.

Third Wave Fund →

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The Third Wave Fund, which started as the Third Wave Direct Action Corporation, was started by Rebecca Walker and other women concerned by the many events in the early 1990s threatening young women. These events included reproductive health, sexual harassment, rape, class, and economics.

The organization focuses on gender justice and activism to empower BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color). They support grassroots movements and feature a leadership team of individuals younger than 35.

Results of Work

Third Wave Fund has had a tremendous impact on many countries. In 2020 alone, they were able to move more than $2 million dollars to support Black Lives Matter movements.

They also worked to increase their budget for grants and provided additional funds to SWGC (Sex Worker Giving Circle) grantees to overturn anti-sex worker laws.

National Bail Fund Network →

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The National Bail Fund Network is dedicated to offering support to organizations across the United States that are trying to reform the criminal and immigration detention center.

They donate funds to cover bail, court fees, parole and probation, immigration detention and supervision, and pretrial detention and supervision. One of their main goals is to work towards creating a society without policing, prosecution, prisons, surveillance, or detention.

Results of Work

The National Bail Fund Network has worked with local organizations in multiple states across the country to assist those who cannot afford to cover their own bail costs.

Girls Rock Camp Alliance →

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The Girls Rock Camp Alliance is a youth-center membership network of various arts and social justice organizations across the globe.

Their work focuses on offering the resources to help these organizations strengthen their movements for greater empowerment of our youth. They believe in using creative expression, art, and music to help make changes at the community level.

Results of Work

Girls Rock Camp Alliance, through its member organizations, has been taking measures to take own systemic oppression and unequal treatment of members of a society. They feature a diverse team of leaders who work with all members of their organizations to promote change.

Climate Justice Alliance →

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The Climate Justice Alliance works to unite various organizations and communities together to create a stronger army to fight climate change.

Their goals include confronting industries and government to make the changes necessary to reverse climate change, building equitable economies for all races, genders, and classes, and making sure any ‘false’ promises/solutions are exposed for what they are to prevent a waste of money and resources.

Results of Work

Members of the Climate Justice Alliance have made progress reducing pollution and working on more climate-friendly alternatives to help save our planet.

Final Thoughts

If you’re like us and believe in the importance of the work done by these four organizations, make a donation today. Together, we can make great change happen!