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1. Parts of a Trombone →

Parts of a Trombone

In this article, we take a closer look at the trombone. We understand its components by learning more about each part of the trombone. The title really says it all!

2. Bass Trombone vs Tenor Trombone →

Bass Trombone vs Tenor Trombone

Although these instruments look very similar, we take a closer look at these two instruments. If you’re looking for subtle nuances in musical instruments, this article may pique your curiosity – give it a read!

3. Bass Trombone vs Tuba →

Bass Trombone vs Tuba

If you’re wanting to know about these two instruments, this is a pretty informative read.  You’ll understand very specific differences between the two after reading this.

4. Famous Bass Trombone Players →

Famous Bass Trombone Players

Reading about Bass Trombonists has never been more interesting. We appreciate good listening and this article helps us stay informed on great bass bone players. You’ll get great commentary on this instrument and have a greater appreciation for this instrument.

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