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Andrew Wright

Andrew WrightAtlanta musician/composer Andrew Wright is a dynamic trombonist, bass trombone player, and saxophonist, performing throughout the South, one of the founders of Swimmers team. He studied at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA. Andrew obtained a Bachelor of Music degree(Jazz Emphasis) and a Masters of Music degree (Jazz Emphasis) Since then, Andrew has performed in Atlanta, Jacksonville, FL, Charlotte, New York City, and throughout the country with world class musicians in many diverse musical settings. Andrew can be found in many musical settings from orchestral to jazz to Latin.

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Juan Rangel

Juan RangelJuan Rangel is a musician and educator in the Austin, Texas area who specializes in Jazz with an emphasis on saxophone and flute. He obtained his Bachelors in Jazz Studies in 2014 and has enjoyed performing in various settings to wide audiences. After graduating, he has been influencing musicians of all ages and honing his musical craft. When not practicing or teaching, he is also writing either music or prose.

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Neale DiMento

Neale DiMentoNeale has been touring North America as a musician for 10+ years, playing in restaurants for another 12 years, been an actor, majored in Journalism, & he has hosted a podcast for two years creating content and fielding interviews across a variety of topics and personalities.

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Marko Jovanovic

Marko JovanovicFormer Senior Editor at Ultimate Guitar, a music addict. A bass and drum player with two decades of invaluable experience in studio recording, production, and live performance. A King Crimson fan.

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Denis Loncaric

Denis LoncaricDenis is a drummer, percussionist, music enthusiast, and blogger. Drums have been his passion for 15 years now. His idea is to write about what he likes and is interested in. Also, he wants to share his drum passion with fellow musicians who walk, talk, and breathe drums.


He’s been in the music business for 15 years. Over the years, he had a chance to play versatile genres. He played more than 700 live gigs. He played everything from big arenas to weddings and small clubs. Now, all his strengths and passion are focused on writing. For the last 7 years, he’s been behind his computer writing, and for the last 5, he’s been working on SEO projects and his website. He also works as an SEO consultant.


He graduated from Novi Sad University back in 2013. Since then, he has worked as a professional musician, and eventually, he started his website and started writing for other people. Besides music as a site owner, he needed to know SEO, so he started taking online courses and eventually mastered this skill.

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Sean Moore a.k.a Obsidian Grey

Sean MooreMulti-Genre Beatbreaker & Technologist.

Pioneering NFT Musician selling over 100 music NFTs in Q4 of 2021. Ex-Software developer working with companies like Microsoft, Disney and Adobe to name a few. Professionally published technical author and reviewer for publishing houses like O’Reilly Media and Addison Wesley.

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Joe Barnes

Joe BarnesJoe Barnes is an established artist and recording engineer. With many years of experience in professional recording as well as over 30 years playing drums, his interests in music continue to develop. Being a drummer, percussionist, and keyboard player has also helped him to better understand how to complement other players in both studio and live performances.

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